“I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong, then these are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands”
– Ed Parker

Training Programs

Force 5 training Center offers beginning and advance classes that provide challenge and fun for both the recreational trainer, and the serious competitor.

Fitness and Defense Dynamics

Available classes and seminars


Fitness Boot Camp

The Challenge: Most American adults are not regularly active. Being deprived of physical activity has both short and long term consequences. This lack of physical activity can lead to several diseases, as well as oxidative damage and inflammation, the primary mechanisms in most degenerative diseases.

The Solution: Anderson’s Boot Camp is a new way of getting in great shape, without stepping on a treadmill. Our fitness routine does not have a single dull moment, and we guarantee REAL results. Instead of putting it off, take it off. It’s time to invest in your physically well-being.


The Gracies have a saying, “The ground is my ocean, I am a shark and you don’t even know how to swim.”  It’s a fact most fights end up in a clinch then on the ground. You need to know what to do, and how to win if you go down. We will give you the tools and teach you the basics so you can control a bigger and stronger opponent. Learn 10 grappling positions, and escapes from all of the positions. Learn submissions and counters. The proper way to close the gap, clinch and awesome takedowns.


Street Survival

The ultimate in self-defense. Street Survival was developed for the purpose of creating a system of self-defense that had no boundaries. It is not restricted to any one style. Just as you have people of different size and strengths, no one style works for all the people all the time. Force Five is a hybrid system and one of the most progressive, realistic self-defense system in the world. Men and Women of all ages and backgrounds take part in our programs. You have the ability to excel in our system! With the Force 5 Training Center you are not just another student! You will realize your full potential because you are treated as an individual.

Instruction will cover every attack you can think of in a stand up situation and six angles of defense from an edge weapon. Plus you’ll receive hostage scenarios defenses.

Lady Aware

FBI Statistics report that 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their life times. Universities report a 50% increase of sexual assault on co-eds.

America’s Fastest Growing Self-Defense Work-Shop is now in your Area! Women that seek self-confidence and increased self-esteem. Past victims that desire a sense of control over their lives, this course is for you. Students will learn to deal with adrenal stress survival response. Without training this response causes most people to freeze or flail. With this training students transform adrenaline and fear into incredible power.

A practical, realistic look at your safety. Minimization of risk, alertness and mental conditioning. Easy to learn hands on self-defense. The five’s, five steps that almost all attack go through. Defensive strategies for each of the five stages and awareness drills.

Bully Defense

A recent survey conducted be the CDC showed that 10,000 children stayed home at least once a month because they feared bullies. Bullying is a serious problem that can lead to emotional withdrawal, substance abuse, and even suicide.

Our program develops the confidence, awareness, and personal protection skills that your child needs to avoid or deal with bullies of all kinds. The best self-defense is using your head. Avoiding conflict and using verbal skills before it escalates into fighting . We offer many examples of common situations such as bullying in the school ground, confrontations over your possessions and many other everyday occurrences, using actual young students role-playing the scenario and the response.


A simple to use, inexpensive and safe weapon for police officers, karate enthusiasts and everyday citizens. A non-offensive and therefore non-controversial implement that gives it’s user a way of fighting back against assailants.

Ground and Pound

If you want to win when you’re fighting someone that knows your game, you have to have some tricks, some secrets . You have to expect the unexpected and do the unexpected. This class will give you many highly advanced methods. You will be doing techniques known only to the world best submission fighters.

Downloadable/Printable Brochure

Read more on our programs. Download a printable Force 5 Training brochure here.


Body Guard Boot Camp (Executive Protection )

Come join an elite group in a fast growing field. Use your skills and make money doing something you truly enjoy. If you like motivation, discipline, real life third party protection skills and have ever wanted to learn what a professional Bodyguard knows, then you don’t want to miss this one! Principles of Protection: This will cover the elements of advance work:

  • Limousine procedures

  • Deployment of personnel such as post, special agent, and formations

  • Personal requirements

  • Dress and manners

  • Protective techniques while walking/in an automobile

  • Special problems

Bomb Search and Identification: Emphasizing detection not disposal. Methods of search , actual field procedures will be practiced.

Surveillance and Audio Countermeasures: The student will learn first hand how to conduct physical and basic electronic searches for electronic bugs. Also you will learn various strategies to defeat penetration

Basic combat handgun tactic: The intent of the course is to teach the student to use his/her handgun safely, quickly and reflexively as is required in close range high speed defensive situations and to understand the legal responsibilities of its use. Subjects covered: The basics of firing, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger press, speed reloading, stoppage drills, rapid multiple shots on single targets, rapid engagement of multiple targets, the draw and the concealed draw, handgun types , ammunition selection , holster selection.

Developing a Survival Mentality: Recognizing, assessing & avoiding danger. Defeating physical constraints . Awesome, realistic Self-Defense against armed and unarmed attackers , and much much more!

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Close Quarter Handgun and Shotgun Disarm

This course is the most effective, practical system of any close range weapons disarms. The techniques have been primarily developed for those in the field of law-enforcement and professional bodyguards, however they will work for anyone who might have to cope with such a situation.

In today’s violent society, more people are carrying guns than ever before. Criminals use them in robberies, hostage situations and muggings, and they are more prone to shoot you (even if you comply with their demands), than ever before.

Get the unarmed advantage you need to be a survivor instead of a victim!

Edge Weapon Complete

Mr. Anderson will reveals secrets of knife fighting defense from masters the world over. You’ll learn to defend yourself against the mounting threat of knife culture offenders. Find out what really works and what doesn’t.

The defense against an armed assailant by an unarmed defender creates a distinct and critical disadvantage integral to the survival of the unarmed person. We will show you blade patterns and counters that will help develop and prepare your personal attributes for an ever present ruthless society. You will learn the hi-tech, close quarter fighting skills that will give you the edge.

Instruction includes: Acquisition, deployment, and engagement methodology, laws, ethics, and moral guidelines, recognizing the Crucial Elements of Maintaining Distance neutralize and de-escalate to escape, and surviving within your immediate environment.

Firearm Safety and Defensive Tactics Level I

The intent of the course is to teach the student to use their handgun safely, quickly and reflexively as is required in close range high speed defensive situations and to understand the legal responsibilities of its use. Subjects covered: The basics of firing, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger press, speed reloading, stoppage drills, the draw and the concealed draw, handgun types , ammunition selection, and holster selection. This gives the student all of the skill needed to then go out to a shooting range and practice his/her marksmanship.

Special attention will be given to each individual student to help build confidence and insure proper and safe handling of the firearm.

Intermediate Firearm Defensive Tactics Level II

A perfect course for the shooter who wants to maximize their skill. After this course. you will be shooting faster and with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. This course is a modified and updated version of the course taught to government and military special operation personnel and draws heavily on techniques learned from the best shooters in the world. The use of cover, concealment and tactic will keep you alive much longer than your ability to shoot well. *must have completed Level I.

Close Quarter Shotgun Tactics

A shotgun is powerful, intimidating, and versatile. However, the weapon is heavy and often difficult to control. The student will be taken step by step through correct operation and handling procedures. You will be taught target drills at varying distances, combat loading drills, close quarter shooting positions, room entry techniques and much more.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Professor Bob Anderson is one of the best all around Teachers of the Martial Arts. I’ve personally known him for over 30 years , when he was teaching here in Washington State. Hes a top notch first class Martial artist, and I highly recommend him. Its a true honor just to know him.

Professor Terry Faircloth

I absolutely love training at Force 5! I’ve done boxing before, but it doesn’t come close to what I’ve learned here. It’s also pretty cool to be trained by a guy that has taught Law Enforcement, Federal Agents and Special Forces. Professor Anderson is by far the most knowledgeable martial arts instructor I have ever encountered. The way he’s taught us to utilize leverage to create power is amazing. I can’t say enough about Professor and Force 5. Outstanding!

Anthony S.

First I would like to say that this is an Excellent place for Kids and Adults. Both of my kids started here about a month ago. They are excited to go to class and practice on me when they get home. Bob Anderson is wonderful and kind to the kids. He has an innate grasp on child development which allows him to guide the kids through his curriculum. It is a structured curriculum and not a belt factory, which most parents can be extremely grateful for. I think with 40 years of good experience we can expect this from Bob.

Eric S.

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