• Professor Terry Faircloth

    June 04, 2018

    Professor Bob Anderson is one of the best all around Teachers of the Martial Arts. I’ve personally known him for over 30 years , when he was teaching here in Washington State. Hes a top notch first class Martial artist, and I highly recommend him. Its a true honor just to know him. ... Read More

  • Eric S.

    June 04, 2018

    First I would like to say that this is an Excellent place for Kids and Adults. Both of my kids started here about a month ago. They are excited to go to class and practice on me when they get home. Bob Anderson is wonderful and kind to the kids. He has an innate grasp on child development which allows him to guide the kids through his curriculum. It is a structured curriculum and not a belt factory, which most parents can be extremely grateful for. I think with 40 years of good experience we can expect this from Bob. ... Read More

  • Anthony S.

    June 04, 2018

    I absolutely love training at Force 5! I’ve done boxing before, but it doesn’t come close to what I’ve learned here. It’s also pretty cool to be trained by a guy that has taught Law Enforcement, Federal Agents and Special Forces. Professor Anderson is by far the most knowledgeable martial arts instructor I have ever encountered. The way he’s taught us to utilize leverage to create power is amazing. I can’t say enough about Professor and Force 5. Outstanding! ... Read More